Thursday, July 28, 2011

7 Design Ideas Bathroom

Pink Bathroom
I was always dreaming to have bright and girlish bathroom.
Pink bathroom design looks stylish and modern.
What can you do to have such a bath?

If currently you have the bathroom painted in one color – then it’s even better.

Buy such items in pink color: flowers or vases, towels and carpet.

These small design remodeling will make your bathroom look better than ever!

Pink Bathroom Design
Calm Bathroom
Water drops os the main idea that is used to make such a light bathroom design.

What should you do to have similar fresh style?

Buy mirrors shaped as shown on the photo below, then you should also buy any bathroom accessories made of glass.

Glass is transparent and looks like water.

And lastly, decorate with white and blue colors: towels, flowers, lamps, etc.

Calm bathroom design in water style
Gorgeous Bathroom
How would you feel relaxing in this bathroom?
I personally like brighter colors but this dark blue bathroom looks gorgeous.

Business people that love to work and relax would like such bathroom design.

So,  if you want to have such bathroom, then it’s very easy to DIY.

You should have dark blue or green walls.

Decorate the bathroom with the mirror.

Add big plants and not just 1 or 2, but the more plants you would have – the better.

The bathroom with dark blue walls and mirrored bath
Light Bathroom
Sunny, positive and bright bathroom is for people who adore life and are very sensative.

Tip 1 – add a plant but with unique look.

Tip 2 – funny and not useful but very sunny item – the transparent vase with brigh stones or leaves.

You can even use such vase as a storage for small items that you use in the bath.

Bathroom designed for sunny people
Bamboo Bathroom
White color combines with natural colors – blue as a water and green as nature.

This is the simplest way to decorate the white room.

You just need to choose 2 natural colors and buy accessories for the bathroom with these colors.

Bathroom with bamboo and carpet with natural colors
Children Bathroom

I am impressed with the colors and decoration of this bathroom.

did you notice the the bathroom is in the floor?!

I love it!

Unique idea that is given in this photo is a paining.

You should have a photo or any art item to hang in the wall of your beautilful bathroom.

what else can you learn from this desing?

Right, Curtains.

Curtains in the bathroom add a sense of resting in the room, but not just cleaning your body.

Unique bathroom with the bath in the floor and curtains
Lavendar Bathroom
I can’t imagine who could design such a bathroom for the queen or a princess.

Don’t you think it’s gorgeous?

Color, accessories, flowers – all details in this design look harmonised.

Watch and learn. Good luck in designing!

The lavender bathroom designed for queens and princesses

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