Sunday, September 18, 2011

KK100, Shenzhen, China

Tallest building ever realised by a British architect nears completion in Shenzhen
TFP Farrells is preparing for the completion of its stunningly bisymmetrical KK100 tower in the Luohu district of Shenzhen, China’s fastest growing city. The tallest building in the world seen through to realisation by the hand of a British architect, KK100 is a glimmering mixed use development cultivated along the same lines as Farrells’ Kowloon Station Development in Hong Kong.
Reflecting this past urban project’s principles in high density masterplanning, this 441.8m, 100 storey high rise encompasses 210,000 sq m of residential accommodation, 173,000 sq m of Grade A office space, a 35,000 sq m 6-star hotel complete with sky bar, various food and beverage outlets and a sky terrace anchored by a retail podium directly connected to a new metro station.
The softly domed tower will offer its users panoramic views across bustling Shenzhen and on a clear day these will stretch to Hong Kong. It is hoped that the design will spur on the architectural development of the city with design professionals inspired by its striking form.
Intrinsic to this impressive project was that the building reflect the continued commercial prosperity in China, therefore a release from Farrells states: “The tower’s fluid, elegant shape and reflective skin are an allusion to a fountain representing the wealth and prosperity springing from the economic success that is Shenzhen.”
This symbolism can also be tied to the architect’s rise in the local market as the KK100 tower will complete only a matter of weeks prior to Farrells’ 20th anniversary of its Hong Kong practice. The firm has sustained its outreach into the global market over the decades and continues to source ‘landmark’ projects across the world, including the Z15 tower – a recent commission for the practice which will see a 120 storey, 510m+ structure erupt in Beijing.

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