Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kazakhstan Central Concert Hall, Astana, Kazakhstan

3500 seats auditorium inaugurated in Astana new capital of Kazakhstan

One of the largest auditoriums in the world, designed by Manfredi Nicoletti as the result of an International restricted competition, has been inaugurated in Astana, the new capital of Kazakhstan.
Founded in the heart of the steppes only four years after the Independence of the Country, Astana is now a decade old new capital of Kazakhstan. A concert commemorating the 18th anniversary of independence of Kazakhstan took place in the new Kazakhstan Central Concert Hall on December 15.

Astana's central nucleus occupies a rectangular area whose organizational axis is based upon a system of three piazzas. In the largest of these, dominated by the Presidential Palace, the State Auditorium faces the Senate House.
"The vastness of the location conjures up an impression of the immensity of the territory," said a spokesperson for Manfredi Nicoletti. "Flying over the arid vastness of the steppes, we felt that what is really missing were flowers. We decided to build the 'Flower of the Steppe'.
"Amidst this monumental void, the structures of the Auditorium rise like the petals of a flower animated through music. They create an envelope which encloses an internal piazza..."
Within this piazza are housed shops, balconies, restaurants, exhibition halls, two cinemas and the 3500 seats Auditorium entirely clad in wood inside and outside, inspired by the traditional 'Dombra' instrument.

"Such internal multi-levelled piazza integrates with Astana's system of public squares, while providing a space protected from the harsh local climate: a temperature range from -40 to +40 and salty winds," added the spokesperson.
The auditorium was designed by both Manfredi Nicoletti and Luca Nicoletti (Partners / Founders of Studio Nicoletti Associati). 

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