Sunday, August 22, 2010

WAN Award 2009 ~ Product Sector WINNER

iGuzzini - ENEL SOLE: Archilede, Recanati, Italy

Direct lighting fixture for LED’s with road optic

With iGuzzini’s new LED public lighting, electricity consumption can be slashed by up to 40% compared to traditional systems, improving the quality of light and reducing light pollution.
Featuring sophisticated optics, these innovative lights are regulated by smart and versatile electronic systems that can be applied to different road traffic situations and to a wide range of urban furnishings.
 The light emitted is directed onto the areas to be illuminated with absolute precision, guaranteeing no upward dispersion, excellent uniformity on the road surface, minimum environmental impact and unsurpassed energy savings (to be precise: up to 464,000 KW/h and 195,000 Kg CO2 per 1000 points of light per year).
In addition, they look great and can blend into any landscape: Lleida, Zurich, Modena and Prague are just some examples of all the European cities where Archilede has been installed.
Not just “street lights”, but design objects of the highest aesthetic and technological value.
• Direct lighting fixture for LED’s with road optic.
• Pole-top or lateral installation with tapered poles for ø 46/60/76 mm.
• Die-cast aluminium optical assembly and frame subject to chromate treatment, double primer, passivation at  120° C, grey liquid paint, baking at 150° C; frame fixed with captive screws, 50 Shore black silicone gasket between body and frame, PMMA 3mm thick diffuser joined with silicone to the body.
• Monochromatic LED version with 39-59-84 LED circuit with Cool White (6000K) colour, optics with plastic lenses.
• Pull-out control gear with fast-coupling connectors.
• 220-240Vac 50/60 Hz built-in selv electronic ballast.
• Driver with internal temperature automatic control system.
• Driver with 4 predefined operation profiles selectable by means of a deep switch and customisable with dedicated software via USB interface.
• Resistance to mains voltage peaks up to 4KV with varistor.
• Vertical orientation with graduated scale, +20°/ -20° in pole-top installation and +5°/-20° in lateral installation.
• Terminal block with 4 AT fuse.
• Twilight photocell on request.
• Die-cast aluminium cylindrical element, supplied with adapter for columns with ø 46-60mm, ø 60-76mm without adapter, bolts with safety locking nuts.
• There is no light dispersion into the upper hemisphere above this luminaire.
• Stainless-steel external screws.
• The technical characteristics of the fitting comply with EN60598-1 standard.
• IP66
• Class of Insulation II

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