Monday, September 13, 2010

Denai House, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Malaysian style
Razin Architect designs sophisticated sustainable bungalow
This private house was designed in 2007 for an 8000 sq.ft site in Johor Bahru. The house, completed in 2009, is organised in an elongated manner perpendicular to the main road. The basic planning house is one room thick, to promote cross ventilation for all spaces, as well as ensuring every room has a view to the 3X15m long lap pool.
There is no formal enclosed living room. House layout was done strictly on practical everyday functions. Kitchen is located right near the entrance as the main activity centre with family tv area next to it. Sliding folding timber doors open up the family to the lounge, turning it into a spacious combined area where kitchen, family, dining and lounge spread across the 6X18m area without any dividing partitions.
Floor to ceiling aluminium framed glass sliding doors replace typical windows for bedrooms. The roof cantilevers out 2m above the room openings for protection from the elements. Bedrooms are like balconies where one side of the room wall disappears when the doors are fully opened. Sliding and pivoted timber slats provide privacy while allowing fresh air to come in.
External colour palette was purposely limited to using black for metal works, natural stain for timber and unpainted gray cement plaster for wall surfaces.
The house is designed to allow for conversion into a true sustainable design house in the future.

Razin Architect

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