Monday, September 13, 2010

Puteri Harbour, Johor, Malaysia

PUTERI HARBOUR Latitude 1°25’N; Longitude 103°39.5’E

Harbouring a princess
Meaning princess in Malay, Puteri Harbour is a waterfront development which is more than just a harbour

Set in the glorious Strait of Johor in Malaysia, Puteri Harbour takes its Influences from the early Malay and Bugis coastal villages where waterways were a vital part of life. The modern take on this is a development which seeks to redefine luxury living and offer real estate benefits to the astute investor.

In order to uphold the objective above, a set of Urban Design Guidelines(UDG) were prepared. These UDG seek to facilitate the emergence of a cohesive integrated built environment whilst recognising that the development will progressively take place on a site by site basis. Generally, Puteri Harbour’s UDG provide the land use in a holistic manner addressing the above ground space, street level as well as underground environments.
The masterplan adopts the following five design principles as embedded in the master plan objective ;identity, community, amenity, safety and sustainability.
  1. To enhance the identity of the waterfront:
  2. To create amenities for all groups of people that complements the water-front experience
  3. To promote the sense of community within the urban spaces
  4. To adopt safety and security measures through environmental design
  5. To promote environmental sustainable designs and use of resources
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