Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lot 2C5 - Precinct 2, Putrajaya, Malaysia

Like a flock of seagulls...
New commercial development inspired by the flight of local birds

The site is located in the hearth of the new administrative town of Putrajaya, Malaysia. This specific project of 80,000 sq m of office building faces the main boulevard. Paolo Cucchi was inspired by a storm of seagulls flying on the nearby lake whilst visiting the site one morning. Based on this idea, the new complex is raised out of the water as posts for the seagulls.
The blocks appear as crystal tower enveloped by a metal pattern reproducing the intricate roots system of the mangroves, gigantic trees spread along most of the coastal areas of Malaysia, a precious natural resource that offers a protective action against erosion, losses and damages. The architect wanted to emphasise the uniqueness of this eco-system, offering an iconic gateway between institution and leisure.
Around the building an artificial pond has been created and the crystal rocks emerging from the water aim to create with their visual effect a balance between the relaxation of the lake side and the dynamicity of the boulevard, punctuated by the solemnity of the Government buildings. A vast water-court, glass waterfalls define this oasis of refreshment and spaces of encounters. Cool fluidity and greenery make particularly captivating the setting, considering the uncomfortable hot and humid weather of Malaysia.
The main part of this architectural exercise has been a conscientious programme of green languages that has translated advance technologies into imagery. The metal mangrove roots create natural shadows inside the working spaces reducing energy consumption. As the roof of each building is transformed in hanging gardens, the rainwater harvesting contributes to maintain the landscape and save additional energy.

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