Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ria Showroom, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Showroom for speed
Racey design for car showroom in Malaysia
Ria Showroom in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, is designed as a commercial building that incorporates a property showroom, an exhibition space for Mitsuoka,(an antique Japanese car brand), with additional display areas for international, high-end vehicles like Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Aston Martin and BMW.
Mak Arkitek Konsult's design is divided into three blocks; Block A – a property showroom with a corporate office on its top floor, Block B – the Mitsuoka car showroom with an upper conference and entertainment lounge, and Block C – the mixed luxury car showroom with an accounts and administration block on its upper level. Two triple-volume foyers were created in between these office/showroom spaces to welcome and shade visitors. Vehicles are transported to upper floor levels via hydraulic elevator.
The project features an efficient layering of levels, free spaces and vehicular circulation, giving an impression of vast, generous open areas in this 5,000 sq m triangular site. The innovative architecture uses simple but efficient bio-climatic design solutions that reduce energy consumption costs for the overall building. Meticulously-designed details for structural connections, drainage and M&E services are all designed for sustainability, flexibility of usage and adaptability to changes in the building’s current and future commercial activities. The upper level floor space between the building’s canopy roof and office spaces is a secondary car display area that can also be used by the client to host official functions and events.
The visual impact of the building’s sleek red, silver and green metal skin encasing this new commercial building embodies the speed, glamour and excitement of a high-end sports car. The striking and futuristic facades and its soaring metal roofs stand out as a new architectural landmark amid a stretch of two-storey residential houses in this suburban area.
The architect provided an innovative design solution that was not only efficient in its spatial planning but also went beyond the client’s expectations in terms of aesthetics, image and commercial branding. The language of architecture used creates a sophisticated, high-end image that reflects the high-rolling lifestyle of luxury car owners.

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