Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blesso Loft New York Penthouse

June 19, 2009
by Joel Sanders Architect
This 3200 sq ft eco-friendly New york city Penthouse Loft “Blesso Loft” was designed by New York architect Joel Sanders Architects with associate architect Andrea Steele and landscape designer, Balmori Associates. The design of this Blesso Loft is predicated on the notion that if you merge building and landscape, by bringing nature in and pushing living space to the outdoors, unexpected things can happen. The blesso loft offers a fresh take on green architecture, demonstrating that you don’t have to forgo high style in the interest of saving the planet.
The loft’s interior is awash in lush vegetation, sustainable woods and natural fibers. Exterior wood decking and plants flow into the heart of the penthouse forming a “planted core” that separates the private and public realms. A glass wall separates the bathroom from the planted zone, allowing the owner to bathe surrounded by vegetation.
This “living wall” links the interior to the roof. An open staircase provides access to a rooftop garden planted with grasses and sedum, which has been transformed into a veritable “living” room furnished with a mini-kitchen, a large movie screen, and an outdoor shower surrounded by lush vegetation.

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