Sunday, November 7, 2010

Eco Greenhouse design,Asse – Belgium

October 15, 2009 
design by Carl Verdickt
This modern eco greenhouse design is located in Asse – Belgium. Designed by Carl Verdickt which is also a belgium based designer, The greenhouse modern eco home is furnished minimally with whites and woods to complement the feeling of ‘openness’ that prevails throughout the abode. Such is achieved through the reverted house layout in which the private quarters are located below whilst the rest of the house is located above and set in an open-floor concept.
This modern eco-home boasts a steel frame encased in super-insulating transparent glass and translucent polycarbonate plates, which gives the house awesome heat-trapping ability found in a traditional greenhouse, not to mention a contemporary look worthy of a triple-take.
A loft is added to serve as a private room for social or private activities like a reading room to maximise the use of space without hampering the airiness. For the nighttime, the revolving fireplace installed at the side of the room would provide solace on particularly wintry nights.

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