Sunday, November 7, 2010

Casa OS Spanish ~ Green House

February 23, 2008
Nolaster Architects
A private owned holiday sustainable home located in Cantabria, Spain. Designed by Madrid-based Nolaster Architects, Casa OS. This lovely home has a high-end technique, low-impact accommodation and integrates green building design. The irony is that the original design scheme wasn’t intended to be a green building, but the architects employed many green features for visual impact and practical benefits.
The front of the home looks out over the sea with the back end supported by stilts over a cavern in a dug-out hill. Combining this wind protection with insulating grass roof means that temperature is much easier and less energy-intensive to control and the building’s visual impact is much less imposing. Other features include an inner yard to provide an open space protected from wind and rainwater collection for reuse fushing toilets and watering the roof and garden in summer.
The black panels are zinc; ideal for seaside houses as it lasts longer. If desired, the entire house can be dismantled and reconstructed elsewhere, as the panels have been screwed together rather than welded. If not, the zinc can be recycled at the end of its useful life.
Sleeping up to 24 people but with use for only four in mind, the house was built to cater for a range of different uses and events. Certain areas, such as the south hall and vestibules, have been designed for flexibility, perhaps to serve as a dormitory, games room or welcome hall as required. Efficient underfloor heating allows temperature to be controlled room by room, consuming only as much energy as is needed. We love the modern aesthetic, gorgeous Euro context, and green materials and systems!

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