Sunday, November 7, 2010

Serene Sustainable Clad House,Mount Washington, Los Angeles

August 24, 2010
Hidden House Serene Sustainable Clad House by Standard Architecture
Located on a serene 7 acre site in Mount Washington, Los Angeles, Hidden House by Standard Architecture is a great example of open to outdoors house. The contemporary building has two courtyards. The living courtyard space opens up to one of them, while the second one is facing towards the glittering city of Los Angeles. Occupying a wide area, the 3500 square feet home is made of sustainable materials such as reclaimed end-grain block wood, cork flooring in several rooms, and the redwood cladding.
This sustainable house design allows excellent ventilation and day lighting, reducing the need of air conditioning and heat as well as electrical lighting energy consumed by the house system. The house is also powered using solar energy where of course the appliances around it must also be highly efficient. If you love gardening the garden is planted with native landscape and vegetables, therefore you can live healthy at the Mount Washington serene hidden home.

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